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Company Profile

Ningbo Zeyuan Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.

With more than 12 years' experience in supplying household products to USA, Europe, South America and so on. Ningbo Zeyuan Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. has a proven resume. So you won't be taking a risk when trusting us to meet your sourcing requirements. More than USD2 million products are exported each year. Now the leading retailers, big lots and famous restaurants TDC, Dollar General, Pizza Express and KCO stand among our list of satisfied long-term clients.

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Capacity:16oz Size:10x18.8cm CBM:24pcs/0.059cbm

Capacity:24oz Size:10X21.5cm CBM:24pcs/0.066cbm

Capacity:20oz Size:10x17cm CBM:24pcs/0.052cbm

Capacity:450ml Size:8.3x7x24cm CBM:20pcs/0.052cbm

Capacity:650ml Size:10x18.5cm CBM:12pcs/0.043cbm

Capacity:500ml Size:7.5x21.5cm CBM:48pcs/0.067cbm

Description :1pcx1.7l/2pcsx1.2l/1pcx710ml/ 4pcsx473ml/5pcsx296ml/5pcsx118ml CBM:12sets/0.15cbm

Description :24.5x19x5cm(h) CBM:20sets/0.113cbm